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It is a total impossibility for a person if he or she is not fascinated about Japan. Everyone loves to go or re-visit the wonderful country. When other nationalities visit there, they must have learned about the cultures, customs, language, places and other necessities first before they even landed their feet on that beautiful place. Or if they wanted more adventure, they just want to go there clueless and just learn from serendipity. A Youtuber has a rich knowledge about Japan because aside from the fact she lives there, she has explored every corner of the country and surely she has observed every mundane detail around her.

Binge-Watch Her Videos and You’ll Learn So Much About Japan
Kim Dao is the girl being talked about here. She has established a very reliable, updated channel that contains high-quality contents from make-up to fashion to travels. She is an Australian girl (with Vietnamese ethnicity) but she moved to Japan in the year 2011. You might say that the number of years of her residence in Japan is not enough to say she has a rich knowledge about the country, but with her experiences in her everyday living in Japan, she can totally rock as the natives (or even better). Her videos relevant to Japan include:

•    Tokyo Disney Sea

•    Universal Studios Japan

•    Shopping In Namba and Shinsaibashi

•    Capsule Hotel In Japan Experience

•    Most Instagrammable Place In Japan

•    How I Learnt Japanese

•    Japanese Street Food In Osaka

•    Japanese HotspringsOnsen

•    100 Things To Do In Tokyo, Japan

•  4 Day Trip To Outer Tokyo

These are just some of her vlogs that show almost every detail of Japan. She shares her experiences very in a detailed yet exciting manner. Kim is a proof that Japan is one of the best places that deserve to be part of anyone’s travel bucket list.