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Why So Many Women Have Been Disappointed By Bodyboss

Certainly, there are things in this world that are not up to our expectations or to society’s standards. Some factors can be controlled by us, but most of the time there are just certain factors that we do not have any control with.

Take for instance the case of choosing a fitness program for yourself. For the past holiday season you might have binged eat a lot that you have gained some unwanted excess fat, as such, you are looking forward to shedding them off this year. You might also simply want to be as fit as you can ever be to have more energy to spend with your loved ones.

Choosing the best fitness program that will suit your needs is a tough one, as there are definitely hundreds, or even thousands found over the internet. However, the most reputable ones, should I say, could only be counted with our fingers. One such noticeably famous workout regimen is the Bodyboss Workout Plan.

Seemingly on the surface, BodyBoss looks like a comprehensive workout plan that will surely capture people’s interest, especially working women and single mothers. However, if we are going to delve deeper, some, or even a lot of those who have tried the program turned out to be disappointed having used it.

If you want to know the reasons behind the disappointment of those who have tried, let us take a look at some of them here:

  1. More expensive as compared to other workout regimens

To avail of the BodyBoss Workout Plan, one must pay a hefty sum of $ 50 (approximately $ 49.50). After payment, you can have the option of having the printed version of the plan delivered to your home or you can download the Ebook version on your mobile device. However, there are other workout regimens which do not cost as much as Bodyboss, and much more comprehensive at that.

  • Other workout regimens are more comprehensive as compared to Bodyboss

Most of us would surely think that since it is more expensive, it is more comprehensive as well. However, that is not the case for this one. For $ 50, you only get to have the workout manual, nothing more and nothing less. Unlike other workout regimens that offer free nutritional guides, shopping lists and interactive videos for a lower price, the former is surely a puncture to the pockets.

  • You don’t get as motivated to continue with the program as compared to other workout regimens.

For all workout regimens, what becomes the deciding factor to stick to the plan is of course, if it will be able to deliver the results that they say based on their adverts and such.

Unfortunately, however for Bodyboss, most women find it hard sticking to the program (minimum of 3 days, maximum of 2 weeks) as they find that the exercises are simply hard to follow. Also, especially for beginners, use of gym equipment is another factor to consider. Most women, should I say, were not able to get alternative solutions from using the regimen.

What more is that they cannot see the results as stated in the adverts or on the manual (if it comes along with it as well). As such, these women became frustrated instead of motivated, all the more causing them to look for alternatives of Bodyboss.

What could be the takeaway from this?
We simply have to more vigilant and learn to look for reviews, whether online or from your close peers who have also availed of a program, before going ahead and purchasing it. This does not only apply to workout regimens as well, but in every aspect of life as well.

Surely, we do not want our hard-earned money to go to waste, right?