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The Best Places To Find Kim Dao’s Vlogs

Kim Dao as a prominent blogger and media influencer is without a doubt that all over the place on the internet. Her travel, fashion, make-up, lifestyle and all product reviews have been widely followed by citizens. Every young woman who is active on social media follows her and makes up her a reliable vlogger in the online industry. Likewise in the avenue of the internet and social media, all her videos are all in different directions so here are some sites where we can find legitimate Kim Dao vlog.


Undeniably,the youtube website is the number one media viewing site all over the world. It has successfully conquered and surpassed all other internet sites. There is a variety of Kim Dao’s vlogs that are all over youtube plus comments sections are permitted.

Her Own Blog Site

Her blog site is where she started her online journal from her very first trip to Japan,that cascaded to all other vlogs and she maintains the site personally so there is no more authentic in looking for the best place the see her vlogs than her own website.


Though there are only snippets of timed videos on Instagram, Kim Dao’s IG site is abetter if not a good place to take a quick peek on her vlogs.


As we all are active social media user, and so does Kim Dao. Her Facebook account features a variety of photos and videos posted. So it would come to be one if not the best place to find her vlogs.

Kim Dao’s Website

Aside from her being an author of a blog site, she has a website of her own. It is more detailed compared to all other sites that are mention (which are also quite useful), and all her other vlogs are being linked to the website so it will all lead to the headquarters.